His Shirt: The White Button-Down

That is actually mine.

A simple white button-down is a staple in most people’s wardrobes. It’s a timeless classic that can be worn for nearly every occasion. Running to the store to grab some milk for your tea, dinner date with a friend, your mom’s birthday, work.. You can dress it up or you can dress it down. You really can’t go wrong with a white button-down.

Nowadays, the traditional button-down has been taken and made into what seems like an infinite variety of shapes and sizes and although I’m always intrigued by classics with a fun twist and trying new things, I’ll always come back to the simplicity of a standard style. I personally prefer my everyday button-down to be a men’s soft regular fit, particularly because I generally like oversized clothing and prefer a mascu-femme feel.

And while I may love a touch of masculinity in my wardrobe, I am a strong supporter of not needing any in my life (relationship-wise that is). No, that is not said with any resentment nor do I avoid the idea of a relationship altogether, I simply believe that being single is an empowering and self-developing opportunity. A chance to really get to know and become comfortable with yourself. A chance to explore and discover things in a way you might otherwise never get to.

Perhaps it was going through a long-term relationship growing up, but since joining the single life a few years back, I have seen myself grow into a person I never thought I would become. I feel strong. I feel free. Free to chase my dreams. Free to spend my time how and where I want with no distractions. Alone time is good time.

I don’t believe in looking for love, what is meant to be will happen when it happens. If and when the day comes that someone does sweeps me off my feet, then I’ll steal his shirt. Until then, I’ve got me and my own shirt.

How do you like your white button-down?

Shirt: H&M
Rain Jacket: H&M
Knee-High Boots: Halogen
Snakeskin Handbag: Cole Haan

Photos by Karnjiv Gill

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